Masanori Oji solo exhibiton : Life On The Floor

October 25th, 2010

For everyone that had a chance to see the exhibition on Thursday and Friday, thank you for your support. The front gallery is back to a retail space, but we’ve kept the exhibition going and plan to do so for the rest of the week.

Hope to see you soon!

Above: Poster by Sali Tabacchi

The gallery was curated by Masanori Oji, but he asked if I would display a collection of objects on the riser in the window. I decided to go up to our apartment and grab all of the things we own by Masanori to show how they look after being used. The cutting board has knife cuts all over it, and our tin cup set is bent slightly out of shape, but it has all aged very gracefully.

These were the key pieces to the exhibition, two brand new prototypes.

The Chabudai is a small, round-shaped table (600 mm in diameter) with short legs for one or two persons designed to be used directly on the floor for having tea or dining. The Zabuton, a square-shaped floor cushion, is used in combination with a chabudai to sit directly on the floor.

The Chabudai prototypes are available for purchase through our store.

We do plan on making the brass pendant light available through our store very soon.

Futae tin cup set & brass chopstick rests.

A collection of Kami cups.

Magewa bread plate, made from 200 year old akita cedar.

Masanori Oji designed everything from the products to the package it’s placed in.

We kept the front showroom displays very minimalist.

Brass bottle openers on a tray made by Susumu Seto (only one rectangular tray left).

Silver cutlery by Yuki Sakano (we only have a couple of sets left).

Brass chopstick rests.

Brass and cherry wood knife keeper.

45-degree butter dish.

Kakudo walnut plates and dishes.

Bagel trivets. Over time, hot pots burnish the wood creating a “toasted” effect.

Children’s glass – small enough for their little hands.

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