Kitka Coverage: IDS 2011

January 30th, 2011

I can’t believe this is the third year we have covered IDS! There is a lot to see so we decided to focus on prototypes, up and coming student work, and other notable Canadian artists that stood out among the many booths.

One of the main attractions for us are the Prototypes, which presents works not currently in production by independent designers. The disappointing thing we’ve found over the last two years is that it’s not displayed with the same care as it was when the show was at the CNE Direct Energy Centre. I mean, there was no buzz, the objects were practically on top of each other and there was nary a designer around (besides our pals Vik & Fougere). Also, without the designers around to provide context, and not many artist statements, many products didn’t show as well as they should have. That said, there were some great items on display!

Here’s the list of the prototype exhibitors:

Bench Rack Vik & Fougere

A beautiful solution for the home entry. This piece went on to win the prototype competition. Congrats!

Have a seat ver 4.1 Lounger, by Bram Sawatzky

Hub chair, by Evan Bare

Pallet Chair, by Cooler Solutions Inc.

This chair stopped us in our tracks, the execution was phenomenal, it is hard to believe this chair was all made from discarded shipping pallets!

We also noticed the business card holder came from our store!

Clamp Lamp, by DanaCannamDesign

Tarukaiden, by Omri Menashe

“Tarukaisen is assembled from almost entirely recycled materials. The bottle used in this lamp once held sake. Named after the barrel vessel that transported sake during the Edo period, Tarukaisen represents the desire to remake an object that while disused, still maintains its functionality: a container for liquid is now a container for light.”

K27 stools, by Amy Keeler

Sail Screen, by John Glendinning

Angel, by Gord Peteran

Gig, by Davide Tonizzo

A high level of functionality without all the mechanisms usually involved – it’s a chair, an ottoman, a chaise-lounge, a bed…

Toronto concrete cabinet, by Jean Willoughby Design

Love the nod to Toronto’s concrete past. We are suckers for mixed material, I wonder if there is some kind of magnetic hardware to open the drawers? We dare not touch.

Tire-E, by F.H Design

Tilt, by Andre Louis

One item, two uses: a bench or as a two-seater table.

Bookcase, by Group Two Design

Mailbox Acero Swing, by Befurt Design

Slate-Bed, by Shady Wanis

Moving on to Studio North:

Pillows by Nicole Tarasick

My favourites are the ones with the triangles, which are based off of old quilting patterns.

Last year we were really impressed with Shawn Place‘s work.

And this year he didn’t disappoint. I am head over heels for Place’s interpretation of the classic Windsor chair, and his wonderfully upholstered side chair.

TempusFugit, bed side table with a clock installed in it.

Maple coffee tables by Dylan McKinnon a graduate from Sheridan College. We remembered the chair he had at the Student booth last year, and his name has been coming up all over the place. It was nice to see his work in person again, it definitely struck a chord with our sensibilities.

We really enjoyed the work by Carroll Street Woodworkers. This coffee table was made from lath, salvaged from the walls of local homes under renovation.

We also loved their white oak dresser which featured cool button mechanisms to open the dresser drawers.

Spun wood pendant lights.

A secret pen storage space, again using the push button mechanism.

Super Canadiana from Atelier 688

Brothers Dressler “Cut Ups”, objects made from wood blocks.

The student work from OCAD.

Chair(ish) by Cassandra Alves

Every year there is always a beautiful chair that captures your attention at the OCAD booth, for us this was the one.

Half Japanese, Bahar Ghaemi

This reminded us of Japanese Chabudai tables. The little brass legs were a great touch.

Tug of Chair, Alexandra Chacinski

There was a photo of the chair held together by tension next to the artist’s name.

Sedia, Joseph Grossi

The Continue desk, Francesco Angiulli

The student work from Sheridan College.

Braced cabinet, Greg Bauer

BioLUME, Daphne Wang

Inspired by bio luminescent bacteria, this translucent porcelain piece is illuminated in its original context.

Quintessence (Pate de Verre glass technique), Alyssa Getz

Artist series Toss Pillows, Diana Briere

Flow Series: Bowls, Hana Schweighardt

Coeur Rustique wallpaper, Katherine Johana Cordero

This was really subtly and beautifully executed.

White tableware, Alex Davis

This is not a bowl, Katrina Cheung

by Dylan Vankleef

Dr. Bonner, engraved glass, Andrew Wardlaw

Painstakingly taped off, and then sand blasted.

White Ash Pedestal, Alastair Martin

That’s it for today! We’ll have some coverage of MADE, Bookhou…and some nom noms plus Come Up To My Room and an installation by Studio Junction. Then we need a vacation.

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