Mjölk Wedding Details

March 13th, 2011

January 23rd we closed the store to have our wedding. It was a winter wedding so I guess what we wanted to accomplish with our wedding besides getting married was to create a warm and cozy environment for our family and friends. We only had 22 guests so we anchored the night around a gourmet dinner by Chef Ezra Title.

Before we go any further, all wedding photos are by the lovely and talented Danijela Prujinic. She was such a pleasure to work with – sweet, excited and professional.

The aesthetic is inspired by Sweden, simple, bright, and white. We even borrowed a nice tradition for our ceremony – walking down the aisle together. We wanted to have one long single communal table so that everyone could sit together, one of the benefits of having a small wedding!

All of the chairs, folding tables, glassware, plates, and white linen and napkins were rented from Chairman Mills. It was actually one of the most expensive aspects of the wedding, we really had no idea until we got our bill.

I should mention that we will create a post of the actual wedding, so don’t worry! This post will be specifically about the details.


We requested the help from Alison at Coriander Girl to do our flowers, we already loved her aesthetic and after brainstorming a few ideas we came up with the palette–whites, blacks, reds, and dark blues–to create a collection of high contrast bouquets.

The resulting mix of textures and colours was just beautiful.

Since Alison already had an amazing collection of antique mason jars and apothecary jars we decided to rent them instead of having to find our own.

Our friend Jake from Machine Age Modern has an amazing collection of Timo Sarpaneva Festivo candle holders, probably around 200 pieces. We asked if we could borrow some for the wedding and he thought it was a great idea, he even took it one step further and dropped them off to us. That was so nice of him, thanks Jake! We loved the look of the snowball candles that were originally designed for the Festivo. We found a company online selling them and they probably thought we were crazy ordering so many.

Another nice detail is the rough natural linen runner we made for the table. We headed on down to Designer Fabric Outlet to look at linens, and lucky for us there was a big roll on sale. We worked within the confines of the roll to come up with our dimensions to keep the cost as low as possible, and simply cut the length out by hand which gave it a nice softness to the edges. The result was so nice we’re going to bring the runner up to the cottage for our long black table this summer.

We really liked the idea of layering materials so we had linen, wood, glass, and even reindeer antlers.

We chose these white Dala horses as our wedding favors for our guests. They are so nice and simple, we hope everyone will hold on to them for years to come.

Our menus feature an illustration by Melinda Josie, a painting we actually own of hers. The layout of the menu were designed by our friends Henry and Melissa from graphic design studio Sali Tabacchi.

We used the wooden labels from our store to make little name tags.

We set up our vintage electric fireplace downstairs to finish the cozy feel of the space. It was going to be a cold night so I think everyone was happy to be inside.

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