Space: Michelle & Jason

January 9th, 2009



Who are you?
Michelle Calvert, and I run a PR company called Lucid Communications.  I also am the director of Fashion Group International Toronto.  Jason, my husband works in the music industry for a label out of England, and is starting up his own label very soon.  Great two entrepreneurs in the home – scary.

Inspiration for home?
After living in California and seeing open, light and modern spaces – I tried to bring California home.  I am a bit of a minimalist, and am scared of colour… at home and in my wardrobe!

Most Cherished item/ Favorite Piece?
A vase from my late mother – it reminds me of her home and most of all: her.

Best Deal?
I’d have to say some of our recent artwork we purchased.  We’ve purchased 6 one-of-a-kind pieces from local Barrie artists at  a couple of art auctions out of the MacLaren Art Centre.  It is so nice to bring real artwork into our home – at an extremely affordable price.

Biggest Splurge?
Buying the house in the first place…then renovating it (like over 4 times!)

Most Gratifying DIY?
DIY is NOT in our vocabulary really – We have good taste overall, but are certainly not handy.  If my pseudo vanity in our dressing room counts (made out of milk crates and a board) I guess that would be a DIY – but mostly an eyesore.  Seriously, I suppose our backyard has shaped up pretty nice!  Jason would like me to talk about the bike stand his friend Trevor made for us, that he put in the ground himself last summer…I’m not to sure if that counts either!

What would you do differently?
I would have splurged on different flooring – would have kept them lighter and got different material like bamboo or something more eco-friendly.

Plans for future?
Get a dog and name him Jason.  Oh!  Pee pad train him so he won’t mess-up – more than it already is – our nightmare flooring.



Our home, once a dungy dark hole, has become bright, light and airy with the removal of (several) walls and fresh white paint everywhere. Working with decorator Lisa Canning, we kept the palette to purple and brown in handmade pillows and custom drapes.


Lighting was so important as our only windows are at the front and back of our long semi-detached. Our arc lamp was in my husband’s garage waiting to be rescued, and new industrial (and very chic!) overhead lighting from West Elm replaced our boring track lighting.


Anything we put up on the walls we had to think carefully about to keep with our streamlined design. Art work includes an amazing piece by a local Barrie artist, an heirloom from my mom’s house, illustrations from our previous home in Los Angeles and a graphic print from West Elm.


Our front room (completely overhauled by Lisa and her team!) was outfitted with custom seats with storage. We love the contrast with white trim and white vinyl cushions provide a comfy place to put on shoes. The mirror, a steal that Lisa found (for $23 at Home Sense) reflects another mirror, a sentimal piece from my childhood.


We had shelves installed for shoes and accessories and painted them out to match our cream walls. We LOVE LOVE this Urban Outfitters chandelier, which casts awesome reflections on the walls.

Photographs by Tanja Tiziana, 2009

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