Thrifty Finds

January 11th, 2009


These two objects were both found on the same shopping trip by John. The Roy Rogers and The Rimrod Renegades book is inscribed:

To Gary
From Santa
Christmas ’52’

I am not a huge fan of inscriptions sullying my book collection but this one is just so perfect, it adds value (as if the title alone weren’t enough).


Juli spotted these two candle holders on two separate occasions, but from the same Value Village. They caught our attention because they are reminicent of Scandinavian glass, and how it often bears a resemblance to ice. At first we thought it was an iittala designed piece (I could swear I saw some at the Finnish Place) but on our second purchase we managed to salvage a tag that reads Kosta Boda, Sweden. Either way, they look just like snowballs and are perfect for wintry candle light nights.

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