Gone Fishin’

March 12th, 2009

Ok, we must confess, we are in Florida right now, soaking in some sunshine, chlorinated pool water and plates of food that are way beyond our sustenance needs. Lucky for you, we are not beachy types (in two visits John has yet to see the Naples beach/pier – the plan is tomorrow), and have thus been spending our time checking out the local thrift and antique stores.

But first, a healthy start to our day. Just around the corner from the condo is Mel’s Diner.


That meat paddy is a sausage. Shudder. I once accidentally ordered grits with my breakfast thinking they are fried potatoes. They are not.

After breakfast, I spent a good 45 minutes plotting out our path, only for us to become exhausted by our first stop–the aptly named Treasure Island, an antique market with individual booths and varied wares.


There is tons of Fiesta ware in Florida. Makes sense, since Floridians love pastel colours (today I saw a gas main painted pink).



This Scandinavian-rustic stool caught our eye.
It’s only $25 and we are so going back for it tomorrow.
It will look good in front of our fireplace.


This cool print was hiding in a corner. There is so much stuff in
places like this you really have to look everywhere.


Swedish vase.


I love this porcelain statuette.


Voodoo Dice!!!


Some necessary Florida kitsch.


These canisters caught John’s eye.



Signed lithograph by Miro – it’s an actual signature, not just a print.


There was one booth that had tons of pieces from Holland.
I really liked these Amsterdam style houses…


…and the Dutch art nouveau plates and pottery.

After Treasure Island, we were still reasonably gung ho so we wandered across the street to Colin Strong Antiques, which had tons of cool British antiques.


This little model of the solar system is pretty unreal.


I liked this Paris painting, with it’s simple
blue/purple/black/white colour scheme.

There are about 15 more antique and thrift stores in the area but we decided to just go to another larger antique marketplace. At the Shirley Street Antique market we were excited to see some mid-century modern (hard to come by on the gulf side–more of a Miami thing).



I forget what this table is called but the legs can move
so that it is a coffee table or a dining table.


We almost bought this Eames shell chair – only $30 –
but figuring out how to get it home scared us off.


Russel Wright kitchen ware


(we so outdid ourselves last week with teak…we’re on a break)


I was also wanting to buy this Danish chair ($250)
but again, logistics killed it.


John wanted this Ericsson cobra phone but the dealer had
paid too much for it so it was being sold for $150 ($130 firm).


It is the south, afterall.


I could see this set looking fab in an all white kitchen.


We like vintage cameras.

We were pretty exhausted at this point so we went to a Goodwill and a Salvation Army and had the. most. disappointing. thrifting. experience. ever.


All we got was this brown Rosti kitchen utensil.
AND it was exorbitant!!!
A whole $1.02–we were incredulous…

Photos: Juli Daoust

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  1. hope you both are having a great time. its so much fun going to these stores. i enjoy going to thrifts stores then to the malls. good stuff.


    12 Mar 09 at 10:06 am

  2. Oooh I’m so jealous. I want that solar system model and the little Amsterdam houses are so nice! For some reason I love school/science/educational related things.


    13 Mar 09 at 9:48 am

  3. update: we bought the stool ($20!).


    13 Mar 09 at 10:35 am

  4. the stool is great! i looove the round rya-like rug.


    14 Mar 09 at 12:21 pm

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