Store Watch: Rogue Gallery [CLOSED]

March 16th, 2009


******Please note we are sorry to report that Martin has closed Rogue Gallery to take some much needed time to rest and recuperate.

We’ve been holding off on this one for quite awhile because we were waiting for Martin’s questionnaire. We have a feeling Martin is not so much the computery type so we’re going ahead without them. As such, these photos are a tad on the older side and much product has moved along–but in the least, you can get a gist for the amazing stuff that you can find at Rogue Gallery. We generally cannot leave this place without something. I think this has to do with the fact that a lot of his product is under $100 (generally, most things we tend to look at seem to fall between $25 and $90). The hardest part is deciding which piece you want to take away with you. Trust me, it’s painful. We’ve had a few regrets already…one of which was a Quistgaard peppermill, however I think John has recovered since acquiring two peppermills soon after the initial ordeal.


Case in point: Bottom left corner of this photo–we left with the glass cake tray and the black cast iron Copco pot. We managed to hold off on the Cathrineholm ice bucket (insert pat on the back here).


If you are looking for pottery, this is definitely the it-spot in Toronto for lava vases, West German pottery and our favourite, Royal Copenhagen ceramics.





The Erik Magnussen vaccuum jug in the top right corner we nabbed also. We weren’t going to, but Martin offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse (he often does that). Regret: the Quistgaard bread board. We were trying to be conservative amongst the spending spree we were obviously on.


Martin also has a decent plastics selection…


…cool lamps…


…and art to watch out for.

If you are ever looking for something specific, let Martin know. He calls us every month or so with updates on things that he knows we are interested in.

******Please note we are sorry to report that Martin has closed Rogue Gallery to take some much needed time to rest and recuperate.



John bought me this lovely ceramic box for Christmas. We both admired it for quite sometime, so Christmas was a great excuse to finally buy it. It’s Royal Copenhagen, made in Denmark circa 1930s-40s and has a handwritten signature and number on the underside of the lid.


Just before Christmas I bought these two Hans Wegner wishbone chairs for $200/each (these retail new for $700-1000 USD, and a quick look on ebay suggests that even vintage fetch about $500). I initially purchased them for another place but they’ve made themselves quite at home at the kitchen table. They are infinitely more comfortable than the white metal chairs that were originally purchased (from Bungalow). We are thinking of sanding down the wood to it’s natural finish, as we aren’t huge fans of the varnished look.

OH! I just realized that the hanging lamp in the background was our first ever Rogue purchase, for $50. Oh boy…the obsession with Rogue is really becoming apparent…the red wooden candlesticks are also from………you guessed it…

Photos: Juli Daoust

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