Kitka’s Canadian Design History 101

April 2nd, 2009

Strolling Queen street vintage stores you can find this stool among such staples as Eames, George Nelson, Harry Bertoia. Names that have shaped the American Modern movement, yet how come we struggle to name even one Canadian designer? We would be hard pressed to find someone who knew the designers of this Canadian icon, let alone the name of the stool itself. You might even be surprised to know that this stool has been in production for over 30 years in the original plant in Rexdale Ontario, where it has remained unaltered.

The designers are Phillip Salmon, Hugh Hamilton and Rein Sossalou, and the design is the K700 stool, produced in 1969. It is the most famous design of Salmon & Hamilton’s three-year partnership and was originally available in red, yellow, black, white, or polished chrome. The iconic shape is produced by a four-point bend in a single piece of tube steel, a rubber cap was added where the leg ends in the early 70s when Kinetics Furniture purchased the license to produce the design.

This Canadian design icon is offered at most of the vintage stores in Toronto, in fact we know there are a couple of them at Atomic right now in polished chrome (see post below for information about Atomic). They are available new from Haworth.

If you want to see what Hugh Hamilton is up to these days, please visit his website!

– John –

Top Photo: Designer Pages
Middle Photo: Kayhan International
Bottom Photo: The Canadian Design Resource

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