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April 3rd, 2009


The archway is part of what drew me to this apartment. It always gets comment from friends and family. Such a great architectural detail that you don’t see often anymore.

Who are you?
I’m a Design Consultant for a staging company.

Inspiration for home?
My goodness. All over the place! I tend to gravitate towards weird and perhaps not commonly seen pieces. Antiques are becoming increasingly apparent in my space, though I like to blend modern items as well (not to be mistaken for “contemporary” pieces).

Most Cherished item/ Favorite Piece?
Its a toss up. I have three items that I cannot place one with higher value over the others. 1) the antique doors I had shipped back from Asia. 2) the sheep’s wool pillow my mom and dad bought for me from New Zealand. 3) the chair my sister bought for me from an antique store. It was completely unexpected and I cherish it!

Best Deal?
The modern “Wassily Chairs” in my living room. I don’t even want to tell you how much they were, so lets just say I got them for a song ;)

Biggest Splurge?
This is a toughie. I have good ‘ole Scottish roots and spending money is like pulling teeth. I guess I would have to say the Asian doors I mentioned earlier.

Most Gratifying DIY?
Hanging my artwork. I waited a looooooong time before I took on that challenge. I had bare walls for a millenium before I finally decided.

What would you do differently?
Window treatments.

Plans for future?
Painting my bathroom! Every time I turn around there is something that needs my attention more!

Anything to add?
I’ve realized that when I purchase something, it is not with the intent that it “goes” or “matches” my interior. I am consistently drawn to things that are reflective of one another and somehow it all seems to work!


I picked up this lamp at a second-hand store. The chair is the antique that I referenced in my lowdown of some of my favourite things.


My mom traipsed through a marsh in Gananoque Lake to get me these pussy willows! I like mixing and matching chairs.


The metal sculpture on the wall was given to me by a design client. Her husband had it commissioned by an artist and she didn’t like it. I put up my hand for it!


The fireplace is another one of those features that I love about this 1920’s Brownstone.


These are the pictures I had to work out for a bit about where they would eventually end up.


The horse is standing on a book called “The Greatest Thing in the World”. I love it!


This red chair is one of those “side of the road” things. Who the heck would throw this out?


The lanterns are only the beginning of what I envision to be a life-long collection. There is something soul-full about a lantern. As though its been to many places and its keeping it’s secrets to itself.


The doors are antique from Korea where I spent time some years ago. They look beautiful when lit up at night. The carpet on the wall is from an old mill in Southern Australia that was created on a loom that still works to this day. My Mom has a larger version of this and she uses it in her front entrance hallway…on the floor! Sacrilege!


There are many elements that I like about this chair. I was drawn to many things all at once. The brilliant colour of the orange, the evolution of the peeling of the paint and the patina it left behind, and the style of the press back. Kinda hit me all at once and I knew I had to have it. I am on a lookout for a series of these for my dining table.


I like mid century modern in small doses.


My parents went to China a few years back and my Mom returned with this duvet set which is actually silk with a bamboo leaf type motif. The blanket box was my Gramma’s.


The black frame contains an old and tattered fortune cookie fortune that reads “Confucius say: If you need a helping hand, look to the end of your arm”.


I never bothered to put anything on the chalkboard. I like the simplicity of the black.


This is actually a spice rack, but my glasses and mugs fit there so nicely.


The picture on the top left is encased in lucite. I am obsessed with lucite!


This crate was once used for milk bottles in Burk’s Falls.


The pink vase was my Gramma’s and the wood ball I picked up in Nepal (same with the little mask hanging on the candelabra).

Thanks for sharing your space Katherine! What a great collection of furniture finds! And you did a great job hanging the artwork – I was immediately drawn to that wall and how you have it laid out…I think we all know how difficult it is to hang art. Thanks for the inspiration!

Photos by Juli Daoust

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