War, what is it good for?

May 4th, 2009


Bring back the “Summer Of Love” with these collections of War motifs.

What side are you on?

War is Over” large framed print available at cafepress.ca for $54.00 CDN


Photo from: Living Etc, Stylist Jo Berryman’s bedroom from the “Edgy Victorian Home Article”


Greenaid – the first line of defense for the war on plastic bags.
The neoprene outer shell reveals a reusable polyester shopping bag within.
Available for $15 CDN at StyleGarage


Love Grenade coin bank, by designers Owen and Cloud
The tossing of this grenade brings only prosperity, not destruction.
$32.00 USD A+R Store


A Peaceful bomb vase, from designers Owen and Cloud.
The base of this ceramic is cleverly shaped as the peace symbol.
$52.00 USD A+R Store

Toy Soldier Candle Holder – by Chris Collicott for Kikkerland
Standing at 9″ this is no toy!
$45 CDN available at StyleGarage


War Bowl, by Dominic Wilcox
Made from melted toy soldiers, each coloured bowl represents a different war.
£159.00  from Thorsten Van Elten.


Egg Soldier Cup, by Reiko Kaneko
Inspired by traditional English Breakfasts, the soldiers huddle
together to protect the egg, but the toast soldiers seem unstoppable.
£9.95  available directly from Reiko Kaneko

Just a thought… “One wonders if ‘War and Peace’ would has been as highly acclaimed as it was if it was published under it’s  original name ‘War—What Is It Good For?'”

– John Baker

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