Cottage reno: Side project!

May 6th, 2009


We are very fortunate that the cottage property my parents bought back in 70s has both a main and guest cottage. Over the years, however, the guest cottage has had some hodge podgy additions and changes that have made it very uncozy, uncottagey and cold (in the emotional sense of the word). In recent years, my dad added carpet everywhere and a new Home Depot kitchen and bathroom, definitely done on the cheap and lacking character.

When my parents first bought the cottages, the rooms all shared a common roof. In an effort to provide some privacy in the bedrooms, and to combat the cooler weather, they installed ceiling tiles. These have been there all my life and although I disliked them I never really considered what was above them, until recently. We have been talking about removing the living room tiles. Yesterday, I finally poked my head up above…to a heavenly sight!


A gorgeous cedar wood roof AND two windows! Vaulted ceilings! The guest cottage is a tomb no more (I wish I had taken photos before we started so you could fully appreciate the brutalness). It took John about 30 minutes and cost $0 and the place feels like a million bucks. I can hardly believe we left it like this for so long. It pains me a little.


Almost there!


Oh good god gorgeous.


I unfortunately don’t have any picks other than this one of the kitchen (it bends off to the right) but I started to take the tiles down from this space too. The thing is, it doesn’t look as good.

So the easy and affordable plan of action is:

1. replace ugly office ceiling tiles with cedar wood planks to maintain the lower ceiling so that when you walk into the living room it helps to lead up to the dramatic height and size of the space.
2. add a row of potlights into the cedar ceiling
3. change the ugly cheap blue mdf counter top with a butcher block style counter
4. replace the ugly cheap sink with a nice white farmhouse style one from IKEA, like the one we are putting in the main cottage
5. replace the curtains with wooden blinds, so that you can maintain privacy but have them open a bit too for light – OR get sheer blinds like the ENJE from IKEA
6. replace the current small table and chairs with something reclaimed/vintage
7. replace the cupboard hardware from multi-coloured fish and seashells to something simple

Mom, don’t worry – it’s not going to be ultra modern! I can fully envision this plan in my head and it’s going to be DYNAMITE!

I am so excited my head is going to pop off!

– Juli –

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