Thrifting Finds!

May 7th, 2009

Some recent thrifting finds to inspire.

Thrifting trip #1:


Jens Quistgaard candle holder – I was about midway through my visit and it was a first find that would dictate the colour scheme of my thrifting trip for the day.


A few minute after bemoaning about how I never find these cool vintage clock/radios, I found this cool “Juliette” flip clock. Sadly the flips flip no more (anyone know how to fix that?) but the radio still works.


This lamp needs rewiring but I thought to myself, how hard could it be, really. I could see this lamp looking good at the cottage since it’s taking on a white, black, red and blue scheme.

Trip #2 & 3 all mixed up:


Wow, an unused Le Creuset! We were shocked to see a little out-of-place “Made in China” (ed. Made in Thailand) sticker on the bottom. I thought these were made in France, which is so disappointing because what’s the point of paying a ton of money for a brand who farms out to China? I’ll remember that the next time I am looking at Le Creuset at Williams-Sonoma (not that I ever do that, but if I were to). But it’s otherwise in perfect condition and will look nice at the cottage.


6-piece made in Japan steak knife set. The handles are sparkly.


More Kathie Winkle please.


A little German serving container that looks like a bird. I think we’ll reserve you for maple syrup.


A pretty little copper (ed. enamel?) plate from Quebec (?). Holly from Twice Found sells decorative plates like these.


My parents had a bird sculpture from Hoselton Canada. Your parents probably did too.


And it probably looked like this. Anyhoo, the one we got is apparently a crane.


Graphic trivet from Japan.


Fred Press bowl (background)…


…and I got this Fred Press cheese tray the other day for $1.00 at the Midland Salvation Army! I so want to have a wine & cheese party soon.

One last piece:


Our friend Aprile stumbled across the matching container to our Japanese cutlery set (the coating on the base is not like the coating that was on the cutlery). We seem to be acquiring quite the mustard yellow collection.

I am going through an addictive thrifting phase right now…heh…

– Juli –

Photos by Juli Daoust

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