Space: Jennifer & Taylor

January 20th, 2009


Who are you?

Jennifer Reinhardt: Production Manager at Rogers Publishing by day/Managing Director of Swallow Designs (a new t-shirt design company launching March 1, 2009), Communications Chair – Fashion Group International & DJ of Tuff Meat by night.

Taylor Shute: Graphic Designer at Eye Weekly/Designer of Swallow Designs (site under construction).

Inspiration for home?
Modern Scandinavian cabin.

Most Cherished item/ Favorite Piece?
Our teak credenza purchased on craigslist.

Best Deal?
Two photographs from the National Canadian archives of downtown Toronto in the early 1900′s. They were purchased for $10 each at Goodwill. [see above, next to the teak kitchen table set]

Biggest Splurge?
We had to really stick to our budget so we didn’t splurge on anything.

Most Gratifying DIY?
Taylor would say his make shift hanging lamp. We bought a lamp base at Urban Outfitters and on our way home the strap on our bag broke and it smashed the base on the ground. Taylor ended up making a hanging lamp out of it.  I like our mirror/picture frame arrangement in our bedroom. I bought the frames for $2.00 (for all) at Value Village and the mirrors for $5 each. We put woodsy black and white photos in the frames.

What would you do differently?
Our place is still a work in progress. We definitely want some new drapery.

Plans for future?
We are on the hunt for a teak desk to put in Taylor’s music space.


The bedroom has a little nook under the window that Taylor has outfitted as a studio space for music making, artwork and graphic design on his laptop. He cleverly hung all of his instruments on the wall, demonstrating that this tiny little space is useful space, if you organize it right. The couple are looking for a new desk/chair to match their other teak-styled furniture, some shelving for storage of art supplies as well as a new window covering.


Jen & Taylor recently painted some of the walls in their bedroom an inviting dark teal/blue colour, which has helped to make the space more inviting and cozy. To the left, you can see their diy project of thrift store frames, mirrors and woodsy black and white photographs. The swallows above the bed mimic the feature wall, while nodding to the couple’s new design company, Swallow Designs.


This credenza serves as a dresser in the couple’s bedroom – a $20 score!


Above is the stylish teak credenza they bought from craigslist, proving once again that craigslist is a great place to find quality furniture for affordable prices.


A playful riff off of the traditional wall mounted deer head, this was a Christmas gift from Jennifer’s brother to Taylor.

Thanks for sharing!

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