Mjölk under construction

November 10th, 2009

Mjolk under construction-9

Well the demolition is on its way, and it’s really coming along smoothly.

Mjolk under construction-12

Pretty soon this will all be one large open space.

Mjolk under construction other-1

The before! The glass partition and the closet really cut the space in half,  we’re taking it in a different direction

Mjolk under construction-6

The closet is almost completely removed.

Mjolk under construction-7

We’re also converting the 2 large washrooms, into one neatly packed powder room.

Mjolk under construction-1

Lot’s of random stuff…

Mjolk under construction-3

We’ll come back to this picture in a couple of weeks!

Mjolk under construction-5

Mjolk under construction-10

Mjolk under construction-8

Mjolk under construction-11

This is our current floor, stained chip board. It’s actually not a bad look but way too industrial for us. We have a very beautiful and affordable solution that we will reveal once we start going to work on the floor. (And by “we” I don’t mean Juli and I, we learned our lesson after tearing up the floor at the cottage.)

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