IDS: Roundup

January 29th, 2010

We kind of dropped the ball on Design Week this year, for obvious reasons. But here is a quick look at a few other things that caught our eye at IDS10.

The ULTIMATE: space (concept)

Arren Williams’s bathroom was inspired by Calvin Klein Euphoria.


The dark wood paneling was of course a defining feature for us. This was the ultimate his and hers bathroom, with this section being the his side.


They meet in the middle in this cozy chill out room. Bev Hisey’s wool felt butterfly chairs were super cozy to flop out on (we tried).


In the her side, plenty of storage in these retro styled dressers, a large bathtub in the center and some interest light fixtures that you could totally diy. All you need is a ceiling medallion from the hardware store, paint and a mirror lightbulb like the one recently featured on Door Sixteen but smaller.

Jason MacIsaac (Ministry of the Interior): Rolling Hills


Again a no brainer in our world with all that wood…


…to create beautiful intimate spaces.



The student section felt small this year…


New George chair by OCAD student Vincent J. Monastero was really the only piece that was fresh and that we could see in production.

You know, two years now we have missed Come Up To My Room, which is a real shame because that is where the really interesting stuff happens. Goal for next year is to switch it up and cover CUTMR. There’s always too much to be done…

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