Business trip essentials

March 11th, 2010

M.A bag-4

Well we are just a couple of weeks away from our business trip to Tokyo and during this trip I want to be as professional as possible so I found myself a classic M.A+ doctors bag from Sydney’s on Queen St. W. (they have the best menswear in the city).

M.A bag-5

Leather is one of the very few things that gets better with age, the more it wears the more character it will get and for me this bag is a one time investment. It already looks like something my grandfather could have had.

M.A bag-1

Very low tech construction but the details are just beautiful.

M.A bag-2

The cross is the M.A+ signature.

M.A bag-3

This bag will make a great carry on for the plane as well, I’m already planning out what I’ll be bringing.

from front row left:

* White lines notebook
* Leica D-LUX 3 camera
* Wallpaper city guide: Tokyo
* Wooden business card holder

M.A bag-6

It passes the laptop test!

M.A bag-7

Juli got a new lens and it’s taking some great pictures!

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