Meeting, noodles, house partay!

April 7th, 2010

We started the new day with a visit to Wataru Kumano’s studio in Nishi-Koyama. It was nice to get away from the ridiculously busy Shibuya. Plus we stumbled across a beautiful mint condition Volkswagen van.

Wataru Kumano is an up-and-coming designer and graduate from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He has already created a lot of buzz with his PINS chair and table (above) and Oslo coat stand.

We actually got a chance to sit and have coffee at the PINS table. The construction and finish was just beautiful and the chairs were solid yet light as a feather.

The coat stand is made of solid birch and aluminum. We are hoping to sell this in the mjölk shop.

We had recently read about a Soba noodle shop in Meguro designed by architect firm Issho so we were happy to stumble across it. We kind of assumed from the edgy facade that the people who owned the noodle shop were really young and hip, but the noodle shop was pleasantly closer to a Mom and Pop operation.

The interior was made from birch wood and concrete.

The ceiling had an interesting wave detail.

Chicken and noodles.

Tempura and noodles.

We also came across a beautiful home near the noodle shop.

Wataru met up with us later and brought us to a Tokyo house party! The idea of renting a house and splitting rent with a few people isn’t common in Japan, and for that reason there aren’t many house parties around so we were very lucky to be invited to one.

We decided to bring some maple candies but everyone popped them in their mouths like a piece of Sushi and I’m sure the sugar was a bit much for the more subtle Japanese palate.

On the left is Wataru. The right dressed in a celebration robe is Yoshi, and this party was his Sayanora party.

The most complacent cat that ever walked the earth. Named “Maybe”, she was passed around from guest to guest where she contentedly hung out like a baby in its mother’s arms. Totally the opposite of Isha’s annoyed meow if you even look at her like you’re going to pick her up.

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