Fog Linen

April 16th, 2010

Mmmmmmmmmm Donuts! It is Fika time and these donuts are making us salivate.

We didn’t know how long Meguro main street was when we first visited, so we had to return again to make it to the Claska hotel and other design shops. We stumbled across this indoor/outdoor donut cafe called “Hara Donuts”

The interior was really cute, and we love  niche shops that are very good at one thing. If this place was in Toronto there would be lines around the block.

Only 15 minutes after stuffing our faces with donuts, we decided it was lunch time and had a seat at the Claska’s beautiful cafe.

We weren’t that hungry so we ordered the minestrone soup, which wasn’t really minestrone soup at all… But still very delicious.

We also stopped at “Do” the Claska shop, which has a collection of beautiful design objects. Needless to say, we spent some money here.

We were very excited to visit the Fog Linen shop, which was a bit of a hike from the Claska hotel.

The arrangements and displays were beautiful. (We made an order for that very linen purse, btw).

We also got a chance to see all of the different linen patterns in person. Now it is even harder to make a decision, because everything is lovely.

There’s the founder and owner of Fog Linen Yumiko Sekine on the right, who would later make our night! The cat in the Polaroids is her cat!

We mentioned that there were a lot of design shops that we just couldn’t find, and not enough days left to look for them all. Yumiko offered to drive us around Tokyo and show us some of her favorite haunts and we got a chance to check off many stores from our list including the Scandinavian/Japanese hybrid Cinq design. Which we would have never found since it’s on the 5th floor of a building.

These Tokyo underground parking lots have an electronic rotating lazy susan (for your car) that feels very James Bondish.

Here’s Cho lon, a shop that we made 2 attempts at finding! But never did until Yumiko showed us.

Juli felt compelled to take a photo of this apartment complex. Yumiko later mentioned that the building is haunted by ghosts. Do you see any?

Our hunger lead us to a Korean barbecue restaurant in Yumiko’s neighborhood. We got to take our shoes off and wear slippers which is always a fun novelty for us.

Yumiko was such an amazing host for the night, we are very grateful!

Hot coals.

The food was AMAZING, it was easily the best Korean BBQ we’ve ever had! Anyone know of any good ones in Toronto? I’m feeling a craving…

Our favourite, bibm bahb!

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