Summer Essentials

May 19th, 2010

The long weekend is upon us, the veritable gateway to summer sun and fun, so we thought we’d put together a little essentials guide to get you started off on the right foot.

At the mjölk shop, we have a really great selection of small items for the backyard, summer house or for those of you who are lucky enough, hostess gift ideas for jaunts to a friend’s cottage.

From left, clockwise (some of these items are so new they aren’t even on our website yet!):

1. DIY bird house from Finland.
2. Oma ceramic citrus squeezer: psst, I used it during the shoot, and used the lemon juice for my salad at lunch. It’s a keeper!
3. Sakurasaku glasses: don’t you hate condensation rings in the summer? Well at least this glass leaves a sakura (cherry blossom) ring instead.
4. Linen coasters from Fog Linen: I wish I always knew this, but fabric coasters are the best.
5. “Frame” brass bottle opener by Oji Masanori: showstoppers at a party.
6. Crushed white ceramic bowl by JDS Architects: perfect for summer salads!
7. Wooden Salad servers $75.
8. Handmade Swedish table brush set.
9. Senovinis crochet cotton blanket: a traditional style blanket.
10. Glow oil lantern by Thomas Sandell
11. DLM (don’t leave me) powder coated side table: perfect for inside and out, with a little handle to take it with you.
12. SIWA paper sunglass pouch by Naoto Fukasawa $28
13. I’m Boo glass carafe by Norway Says: stay quenched with a carafe full of water.
14. Rubber washing up bowl & brush: this item is synonymous with the statement “this would be perfect for the cottage”, and we don’t disagree.
15. Sill Swedish tea towel: fish tea towel!
16. Gingham linen tray: love love love these trays.
17. Nokka oil and vinegar cruets: a pretty set for the perfect salad.

Juli’s summer essentials:

1. Swedish Hasbeen clogs: this year is the year of the sandal for me. Never before have my toesies been exposed, mostly because I’ve always assumed that sandals are not comfortable. This year I grow up.
2. Built by Wendy dress: from my favourite Toronto clothing store, Robber.
3. Vintage Coach purse: it’s time to soften my look by moving away from the black purse. From House of Vintage.
4. Gingham scarf: seems that gingham is all the rage this summer, but in my world, it’s all the rage all the time. by Isabelle Marant, from last year.
5. Lomo camera: Anabela and Celine have inspired me to dust off my film camera collection. This summer I will throw control and premeditation to the wind. So far I am having fun toting this lomo around (I have owned it for about 4 years and have taken one roll).
6. Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses in Kolus: John and I are notoriously bad at buying sunglasses. Something about our faces. A few weeks ago we finally took the plunge, and picked up a pair each from Spectacle on Queen. They have so much selection and the salespeople are very helpful and patient. Usually when I get home I end up hating my choice, but so far so good with this pair!
7. Summer reading: Any suggestions? Honestly, I can’t seem to get enough of coming of age novels. I have no idea what that means, but it’s what I gravitate towards. Right now I am trying to get into The History of Danish Dreams by Peter Hoeg. I am sure you can surmise why I bought the book. But I am not sure if it’s my thing. I guess I need to give it more of a chance…

John’s summer essentials:

1. Navy Sperry Top-siders: Yay! Finally John has a pair of practical summer shoes. No more tying up leather boots at the cottage. Boat shoes are so classic. Trends come and go, but boat shoes will always be. From B2.
2. Vintage hat: We stopped in to Cabaret to say hello and John found this amazing piece. p.s. and a bit off topic, but they also sell vintage-inspired wedding dresses. A friend got married this weekend in the tulip style dress and it looked fab.
3. Gingham shirt: John’s favourite clothing store in Toronto is Sydney’s
on Queen West. Right now he has a new collection of short sleeve dress shirts that are made in-house.
4. Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses in Renzo: John’s peepers are also being protected by these fab new sunglasses. Also still lookin’ good.
5. Eko Guitar: Acoustic guitars are always good for the cottage life. From Paul’s Boutique.
6. Tachibera Shoehorn: You know, no one ever has a nice shoehorn these days. Honestly, the experience is completely different between a 50 cent plastic one and this gorgeous wooden one designed by Oji Masanori.
7. Pipe: John has decided to start smoking a pipe while up at the cottage. I think it’s a slippery slope. He thinks he’s Danish.
8. Summer reading: Scandinavian Country of course! Or Norwegian Wood. Both are inspirational for when you are rethinking summer house interiors.

Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto, $275

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